Who are we? An Authentic Vision

I want to single-handedly fund every public school in America. I want to provide every student with equitable resources. Every student should have access to school supplies. Every student should have teachers that can give them expert one-on-one help in every subject, K-12. Teachers shouldn’t have to fork out an average of almost $500 per year out of pocket just to have classroom supplies.

But alas, I am but a college student. I’m no Forbes 30 under 30. I don’t have millions of dollars nor do I have the connections to make that happen.

What do I have you might ask? The mind of a young, queer woman with a learning disability. And a ton of passion and drive.

I’ve tutored for years. I am an expert in my field. I’m really really good at what I do. I can teach a 6th grader advanced chemistry, guaranteed.

I want to help students that have never had access to the resources I did. Over the years I had more advisors and mentors than I can count (some of whom now serve on PLT’s board). I had help on college planning and college applications, I had tutors and most importantly, I had an academic support system.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Every single person involved in Pandemic Learning Tutors (PLT) is here because they are passionate and they care.

Our tutors work wild hours and answer crazy questions because they want to be the resource to students that they may have never had. They’re experts in their fields performing cutting edge research. And also teaching four year olds how to read (and also teaching AP Physics, don’t worry).

Our board is unpaid. They volunteer their time to help me and this organization. They have expertise and years of training that has prepared them for far bigger challenges than PLT.

We will do anything for our students because we want them to reach their full potential. If they need school supplies? We’re there. If they need to work with more than one tutor for more than one subject? We’re there. If they need hours upon hours of college planning help but can’t afford to pay a cent? We’re there.

So what is PLT? Who are we?

We’re one kid with a dream and more determination than we can tame.

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