How does one become a student with us? What are the logistics?

You have an education problem. Something isn’t adding up or working well for you. We’re here to help.

Firstly, go to the booking online tab on our website and schedule a free consultation. They’re 15 minute sessions with our President and are available any day of the week.

Here, we’ll discuss logistics. What can we help you with? Do you need tutoring, college advising, college application help, or a combination?

With our President, Kristin, we will be able to offer a financial aid package and cost per hour. If you as a parent wish not to divulge this information, it can be kept confidential by emailing Only one person will have access to this information. Once a financial aid package is offered, all confidential information is removed on our end.

Our tutors are unaware of what any individual student is paying for our services. A majority of our students pay less than the tutor is being paid. The reason for this is that the tutor can then provide their best service regardless of what the student is paying.

Once we have a plan for how often you’d like to see a tutor and what you’d like help with, we make a recommendation for who you might want to work with.

During this consultation, we can also offer students on financial aid in Dane County, WI school supplies.

At this point, you can go ahead and book time with this tutor directly through the “book online” tab of our website.

Should you run into any problems or have any questions, please reach out to For immediate assistance, call 608-692-0036.

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