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Goal: $2500


Pandemic Learning Tutors, Inc. is a nonprofit formed in 2020. Offering free tutoring, college application help, educational events, free schools supplies and more, PLT is a new force in education. We are entirely volunteer run as of 12/15/20.


As an organization, we are woman-owned, LGBTQ+ majority and run, neurodivergent-run and make a HUGE effort to make sure our students can see themselves in our tutors and staff.  We run initiatives to support BIPOC students, LGBTQ+ students and neurodivergent students and love partnering to support existing organizations that benefit these underserved populations. 

Read more about us in an article written earlier this year by one of our now directors, Ayomi Wolff for news source Madison 365! 


PLT recently acquired tax-exempt 501c3 status and needs funding!

Thank you for your continued support! We will automatically send a donation receipt for any donations over $100. 


The PLT Team

You can write off up to $300 in cash donations on your 2020 income tax return through the CARES Act. This can also be with a check or via a credit card. Read more on the IRS Website here:

How can you help us?


- Donate on our website (the green button in the upper right hand corner)


- Email us at info@pandemiclearningtutors.com or text 608-692-0036 for a mailing address to send a physical text


- Follow us on Instagram @pandemiclearningtutors and like us on Facebook @PLTInc


- Visit our website and join our email list!


- Sponsor a scholarship through us! This can be in honor of a family member, to support a specific student demographic, et cetera. We’ll work with you to make sure it’s perfect!


- Match donations for a certain amount or time frame! Email info@pandemiclearningtutors.com for more information.


- Share our events and services to family and friends! A wider reach means we’re able to obtain larger and more significant grants from corporations and foundations.

Here are past and future projects we'd like to fund:


- more tutoring hours for students free of charge! We can tutor students K-12 through all core subjects and almost all AP subjects. We specialize in high-level STEM courses - AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, etc. (costs about $23/hr - will decrease to less than $10/hr in the new year)


- Fund college scholarships for our graduating seniors and volunteers. Help them pay for books and tuition!


- Pay for college application fees for our applying students - these add up quickly and if we can cover the $50-100 cost for one, a few, or all schools a student is applying to, it can make tuition much more affordable with federal aid and scholarships.


- Pay for past and future supplemental school supplies for those students who may not be able to afford basic school supplies.


- Pay for existing background checks for our team members to keep students and our organization safe ($508)


- Pay for startup and operating costs - legal fees, 501c3 status application fees, website cost, etc. 


- Help us pay for a low-cost universal video conferencing system for our team! With our new status, this is only several dollars per person per month.


Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm
Sat: 11am - 8pm
Sun: 11am - 5pm

Phone: 608-692-0036

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